What are some of the Health Benefits of a Hot Tub?
Stress reduction and relief, soothing sore joints and muscles, and simply feeling better about one' self. Spas can also help alleviate the symptoms associated with arthritis and nerve disorders. Most spa treatments involve being touched, a key element in helping us relax and feel better. Spas have also been found to improve blood circulation and regulate blood pressure.

How much will my Personal Home Spa Cost To Operate?
Spas range from $10.00 a month to over $100 a month. Because you pay no fees for parts and labor service with your Northeast Factory Direct Hot Tubs warranty, you save a lot over the extended life span of your personal home spa! Because we sell only premium quality brands at Northeast Factory Direct Hot Tubs, your maintenance costs will be minimal and reasonable!

How do I get my Personal Home Spa to my Backyard?
We offer standard delivery of any hot tub we sell at Northeast Factory Direct Hot Tubs. With our free delivery you also receive all of the necessary standard care hot tub products along with a thorough orientation explaining spa functions and routine maintenance.

How do I get information on Pricing?
Simply call us at 978-590-2865 and will be happy to provide you with prices on the wide variety of leading brand hot tubs on display at our Northeast Factory Direct Hot Tubs showroom!

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